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Smart Talk OC is a specialist private practice. This means that instead of focusing on life in general, we focus on three very specific aspects of life. They are:
High Risk Pregnancy
Adjusting to Parenthood
By focusing on only three aspects of life we are able to create a more customized and educated form of treatment. Each of these life events can be stressful and anxiety producing, and the last thing that you should be asked to do is have to explain yourself to yet another person. By meeting with a specialist, instead of a generalist, you can skip having to explain medical jargon, financial pressures, and what is covered by insurance, and instead focus on your mental health.


One in ten couples is affected by some form of infertility and the numbers are growing. Most couples when they first are diagnosed with infertility feel a combination of confusion, anxiety, shame, isolation, and grief. Since you can remember, you were told to use safe sex practices not only to prevent STDs but to also prevent pregnancy. The idea that your body needs help to get and stay pregnant is usually a very foreign one at first. Whether you are at the beginning of your fertility journey, have had a few rounds of IUI or IVF, or are now pregnant, we are here to support you through your unique and special journey.
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High Risk Pregnancy

Congratulations on being pregnant! The fact that you are pregnant right now should be celebrated and praised. Most women who are pregnant have mixed emotions throughout their pregnancy. As your body changes and adjusts to pregnancy so do your emotions and your thoughts. This is typical for any pregnancy and is heightened with a high risk pregnancy.
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Adjusting To Parenthood

Congratulations! You are a parent. And you probably look at this photo of someone sleeping with envy. Nobody told you how hard it was going to be. On social media your friends are posting loving photos of them and their babies. Everyone looks put together, and happy. They've even had the time to get matching outfits! Meanwhile, you haven't showered in days, are covered in mystery stains, and are about to reach your breaking point.
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