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High Risk Pregnancy

Congratulations on being pregnant! The fact that you are pregnant right now should be celebrated and praised. Most women who are pregnant have mixed emotions throughout their pregnancy. As your body changes and adjusts to pregnancy so do your emotions and your thoughts. This is typical for any pregnancy and is heightened with a high risk pregnancy.
There are many factors that go into play to qualify you as a "high risk" pregnancy. From being pregnant with multiples, to being over 35, to having different genetic and physiological differences, the list goes on and on. A high risk pregnancy usually means increased doctor's appointments, reduced physical activity, and a sense of isolation or solitude. Your doctor can decide to put you on bed rest or even worse, keep you in the hospital until the baby is born. As doctor's focus on your health and your baby's health, they can sometimes overlook your quality of life and mental health. Everyone is so focused on making sure you and your baby are OK physically that they forget to ask about how you're doing in general.

Mental Health While Having A High Risk Pregnancy

The most common symptoms that you feel during a high risk pregnancy are anxiety, isolation, sadness, worry, anger, and grief. It is a confusing time where you stop feeling like an independent functioning human and become a vessel for your baby. You feel out of control of our life and your body. You feel helpless and even though you know that things are temporary, it can feel like they will last forever. Reaching out for mental health support during this high stress time is vital for your mental health now and for your abilities to adjust to being a parent once the baby (or babies) is born.
At Smart Talk OC you are free to talk about your feelings and thoughts about your high risk pregnancy. You don't have to put on a brave face or pretend like everything is OK. You can simply be you; whatever that looks like today. You can talk about what you worry about, about your frustrations, and the grief you feel about not having a "regular" pregnancy. You can also talk about the small victories that come with each week that you remain pregnant and continue to grow.

How I am Different

There are two major factors that differentiate Smart Talk OC from other private practices in the area. Firstly, I had a high risk pregnancy. I was pregnant with twins (automatic high risk) in 2015 who were born at 33 weeks and spent three weeks in the NICU. I have a deep understanding of what it means to be high risk, the number of doctor's appointments that come with this diagnosis, and how to be a NICU mom and a twin mom. With me, you will not only get the support that you need but you can ask as many questions as you want about high risk pregnancy, NICUs, and twin parenting.
The other big factor that differentiates Smart Talk OC from other private practices is that I can provide phone or video calls instead of in office visits. Being high risk means that you might not be able to travel as much or might not be able to leave your bed. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get access to great mental health care. Since I offer phone or video call options you can continue to receive mental health support throughout the duration of your pregnancy and beyond without having to ever leave your bed.


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