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Adjusting to Parenthood

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Congratulations! You are a parent. And you probably look at this photo of someone sleeping with envy. Nobody told you how hard it was going to be. On social media your friends are posting loving photos of them and their babies. Everyone looks put together, and happy. They've even had the time to get matching outfits! Meanwhile, you haven't showered in days, are covered in mystery stains, and are about to reach your breaking point.
Welcome to parenting. It's the hardest adjustment that you have ever had. You have thrived in your life, had a great career, and always been very logical. And now that you're a parent, that logic is failing you. Using logic, reasoning, and reading baby books are only making you feel worse rather than better. You want to get to a state where you can enjoy your baby, a state where you can even take a shower each day, but are at a complete loss of how to get there.
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The Struggle Is Real

Truth bomb alert - We all struggle! If you are an adult who has a good job and are a reasonable / logical person then you are going to struggle as a parent. It's that simple. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is doing you a disservice. The reason for why we struggle as parents is that we oftentimes cannot control our children. That's right; I said it! We like control. That's what has made us so good at our jobs. This idea that you can identify a problem, logically find solutions for it, and fix it. But babies are different. A baby sometimes just cries to cry. It can be 2:00 a.m., you have been up for hours feeding, changing, rocking the baby and she is still crying. Nothing seems to be working. And going online to get advice or buying yet another baby book isn't helping either.

Mental Health For Parents

The first step in regaining control and moving towards happiness is to recognize that each family is unique. The baby books and the friend advice doesn't work for you because you are your own family system and you have your own individual needs. You have your own specific relationship with your baby, specific relationship with your spouse, and relationship with yourself. In order to regain control and happiness you don't need to be told what to do; you need to be heard and told that you are not alone.
Therapy is a great way to get these needs met. Therapy gives you the space that you need to be able to process what has happened to your life, what you want your life to look like, and to support you as you find ways to get there. Therapy gives you a place where no matter what you think, feel, or say, you will not be judged for it. And you will not be compared to any other parent. How great is that?!
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How I'm Different

There are two things that Smart Talk does that is different from other therapists. The first thing is that I allow you to bring your baby. A lot of mental health providers insist that you find child care for your baby. But as mother myself I know that it can be impossible to find child care. So please bring your baby to our appointments. If your baby is cranky on our appointment day that's OK. We will work through it together and I will be right there next to you supporting you through it. And if you choose to breastfeed then feel free to do that during our sessions too. Breastfeeding is a natural thing that mother's choose to do with their babies and there is no need to hide this process or be ashamed of it during session.
The second thing that differentiates Smart Talk from other therapists is that you can opt to have our appointments via video call or phone call. So, if you're having a rough day and don't want to go out in public then you can just opt to have a video call with me instead of having to come into the office. Like this, no matter what you look like or smell like you can still get the support that you deserve.

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